Management of 4-K Clubs


Every registered 4-K Club member should have a badge and ID. The local leader should have a different type of ID and a badge.


  • Presides over meetings Keeps order
  • Acts as advisor to other officials, works with them and sees that all planned activities are carried out
  • Acts as official representative of the club at all events Guides club members in
  • appointing committees
  • Appreciates all persons and organizations that have supported the club, on behalf of the members
  • Introduces speakers and special guests or appoints another member to do so Cast vote in case of a tie in any decision
  • Regulates the time taken for the whole meeting to about one hour Works in collaboration with local leaders


  • Conducts meetings in the absence of the chair
  • Serves as general chairperson of the programme committee
  • Takes responsibility in working with the leader and club Chair in seeing that the annual plan is prepared and that each member has a copy in their record book
  • Checks ahead of the meeting to ensure that the members and facilitators are prepared


  • Takes roll call and keeps an accurate record of attendance
  • Keeps minutes of all meetings in 4-K Club Secretary’s book by entering the date of the meeting, type of project, name of facilitator and the type of recreation in the blank spaces of minutes form
  • Notifies members of meeting dates and time
  • Keeps a record of all members participating in ward, sub-county, county and
  • national events
  • Writes thank you notes and letters of appreciation


  • Keeps the records of all the following financial transactions on behalf of the club: Cash from sale of produce
  • Donations to the club
  • Money collected from members Expenditures
  • Cash prizes won during shows etc.