News Updates

4-K Clubs Newsletter.

The 4-K Clubs Programme has launched an online newsletter whose objective is to inform stakeholders about the involvement of young learners in agriculture for food and nutrition security.

TOT Trainings Conducted in the Counties

These have been conducted in 20 counties in December 2022 and January 2023.  The training targeted at least one 4-K Club Patron per ward.  This is part of the programme’s rollout plan, where 4-K Clubs that attain the Centre of Excellence Status can reach out to another 5 schools near them to encourage them to […]

Launch of 4-K Clubs Competition.

4-K Clubs Presidential Award Scheme Competition dubbed 4-K Clubs PAS, was launched on 17th February 2023.  The competition aims at providing a platform to identify, recognize, celebrate and reward excelling 4-K Clubs as agents of change. The launch took place alongside the National Farmers Award Annual Gala Dinner sponsored by Elgon Kenya.