These are groups of young people who learn agricultural practices by doing e.g. growing vegetables, field crops, raising small livestock, fish farming and other activities along the agriculture value chain.

The goals reflect the government’s effort in reducing poverty, attaining food security, income generation, and employment creation. The five major goals of the 4-K Club Programme are as follows:

  • To teach the youth best agricultural practices and home management
  • To give an opportunity to the youth to appreciate agriculture
  • To supplement food and animal products for the family
  • To develop leadership and good citizenship among the youth
  • To use the youth as agents of change in terms of attitude and practices in agriculture

Any girl or boy in primary school qualifies to be a member of the 4-K Club. No club fees are charged, but contributions can be made, for example to buy a 4-K Club badge or inputs for their own projects.

The age range for members is typically between 8 to 15 years. The pledge in Swahili, ‘Ninaahidi Kuungana, Kufanya na Kusaidia Kenya’ was coined as a symbol of loyalty and commitment towards the club’s goals and objectives. The 4-K Club members should recite the pledge every time, before and after their meeting.

Participating in a 4-K club positively impacts communities and the country by nurturing a responsible youth population, fostering reduction in poverty, attaining food security, income generation, and employment creation.

The average club size can vary, and clubs are structured with a governing body consisting of a patron, chairperson, secretary, and other elected officials.

The club registration process is outlined on the website, and there is no associated costs. Ongoing project clubs are required to register to access various benefits.

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Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

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P. O. Box 30028-00100 Kenya
E-mail: info@4-kclubs.go.ke
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