The Patron will:

  • Be a teacher /community member appointed by the school head/the in-charge and willing to guide the 4-K Club members with their activities
  • Be the link person between the extension provider, stakeholders and the pupils Mobilize the 4-K Club members for meetings with the extension providers
  • Be the custodian of any club finances and records Accompany the club members on educational tours Mobilize resources for the benefit of the club


They receive no financial compensation for their work, but are rewarded by satisfaction received from being of service and seeing the young people benefit from 4-K Club activities.

The following are the roles of Voluntary Local Leaders:

  • Influencing people to co-operate in achieving 4-K Club goals or objectives Keep members of the
  • community interested in project activities
  • Ensure that the programme is dynamic e.g. adoption of modern technology, varied activities like exchange tours
  • Spend time to acquaint parents with the progress of the 4-K Club programme Work with the extension providers in implementing the club activities Prepare members to be better farmers, homemakers and agri-preneurs


  • Has the knowledge and ability that will enable him/her to guide the activity of the group
  • Has enthusiasm for work to be done and firm belief in its importance Has energy for the responsibility
  • Posses some teaching skills
  • Willingness to make time to learn more and acquaint parents and other stakeholders with the progress of the 4-K Club programme
  • Respected in the community
  • Should be a man or woman who has an understanding of the problems and interests of youth
  • Must have self-confidence
  • Able to volunteer in implementing the club activities Are interested and willing to work with young people


Parents generally support 4-K Club programme when they are given the opportunity to understand its objectives, are shown some of its results, and are convinced that their cooperation is necessary for their children’s success.

The extension providers and the local leader should encourage parents to:

  • Offer their support and help them understand the purpose of 4-K Club projects and activities
  • Encourage their boys and girls to become active members
  • Assist members to select suitable projects and give them financial support in getting started
  • Encourage the members to carry out their club activities and try best practices
  • Allow the members to attend club meetings and participate in all club activities