The 4-K Club members are encouraged to initiate competition activities to motivate and promote growth both at individual and club level. These include; debates, farm projects, farm products, songs and dances, fashion show, art and crafts, sports and games and Interviews on various knowledge areas


Recreation is an important part of each 4-K Club meeting. Each meeting’s agenda should have at most 20 minutes for recreation. It is the responsibility of the recreation chair to arrange for this. New games are appreciated by boys and girl.

The Value of Games

Games at club meeting help to break down barriers of emotion, age and social position. The shy members often lose their shyness, and the slow ones may not be so conspicuous as to feel uncomfortable so that the potential of all members may be realized. Games also assist in building self- esteem and bonding.


Holding quiz contests with 4-K Club members can be fun as well as educational. A quiz contest gives the members a chance to compete with one another to learn improved farming methods and instill patriotism in the club members.

Club members may be divided into groups, for example a club of 25 – 30 members should be divided into four groups before the quiz contest is held. This can be done easily by having the members “count off” 1, 2, 3, 4. After four, the next person starts again with 1, followed by 2, 3, 4, until each person has a number. This will make four teams. All those who called one, form team number 1; those who called two, form team number 2. Teams 3 and 4 are formed likewise.

Planning Recreation for Club

Planning of recreation should be done in advance. Some of the following suggestions will help leaders and committee members to plan the types of games and recreation to use.

  • Select games and songs that seem to fit the group and occasion.
  • Plan activities in such a way as to enable everyone to take part
  • Begin with simple games that stimulate interest
  • Choose games that give variety
  • Avoid games that usually make some one look foolish
  • Adopt games for use sometimes as project teaching aids e.g. role plays