Classification of Food

The foods we eat contain nutrients. Nutrients are the actual substances that nourish our bodies. These nutrients include


These are also known as energy-giving as they provide our bodies with heat and energy. Some foods that are rich in carbohydrates include maize, sorghum, potatoes, bread, rice, and cassava.


These are concentrated forms of energy and therefore important in our diets. Like carbohydrates, they provide the body with heat and energy. Foods rich in fats and oils include cooking fats and oils, groundnuts, margarine, milk, avocado and coconut.


These are also known as body-building foods because they help the body to grow and repair body tissues. Some foods rich in protein include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, beans, peas, and groundnuts


These foods help the body to fight diseases and are called protective foods. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals include fruits such as mangoes, oranges, pawpaw and bananas and vegetables like kale, cabbages, carrots, amaranth, and black nightshade. In order to stay healthy, the food eaten everyday should contain these kinds of food in the right amounts. This is called a balanced diet.


In addition to balanced diet, we should drink plenty of clean water. About 70 percent of the body is made up of water. The body gets water from drinks and food. Drinking water must be boiled or treated to kill germs.