4-K Data Clubs

Accessibility of good and reliable data in a timely manner is increasingly becoming crucial in driving action for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. The demands imposed by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development on country systems are greater than those of previous development frameworks. This era requires a greater amount of data in increasingly higher quality and consistency far surpassing the capacity of the national statistics system.

4-K Club is responding to the need to rapidly increase the human resource pool for data scientists and data journalists required for Kenya to adequately track progress against the indicators for the SDGs by getting children engaged through data clubs. The connection between the agricultural sector and food systems, the environment, and sustainable water management in urban areas is not adequately amplified in the public domain.

Data can play a significant role in amplifying the impact of human actions and calling for action in pursuit of Agenda 2030. 4-K Clubs play a critical role in the transfer of knowledge and skills from experts to communities, using the angst and energy of children and the youth as a catalyst for change.

Data clubs provide an opportunity for young people to engage in research, advocacy and journalism by providing research problems and protocols across Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security, Natural Resource and Ecosystem management, prevention and management of Water-related Disasters, and Climate Change.

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