Positive Youth Development (PYD)

Positive Youth Development (PYD) is a globally recognized and research-based approach to youth development that will be incorporated into all 4-K Club programming.

Positive Youth Development (PYD) is a globally recognized and research-based approach to youth development that considers young people as assets and partners in the community, and not as problems who need solving. PYD does not focus on one single activity or program, but rather is a general approach and philosophy incorporated into all 4-K Club programming

The Five PYD Pillars

The Five Cs of Positive Youth Development, comprising Competence, Confdence, Connection, Caring and Character, leading to a sixth C of Contribution, is a well-known and well-researched PYD model.


Positive view of one’s actions in domain specifc areas including social, academic, cognitive and vocational.


An internal sense of overall positive self-worth and self-efIcacy; one’s global self-regard, as opposed to domain specifc beliefs.


Positive bonds with people and institutions that are reflected in bidirectional exchanges between the individual and peers, family, school and community in which both parties contribute to the relationship.


A sense of sympathy and empathy for others.


Respect for societal and cultural rules, possession of standards for correct behavior, a sense of right and wrong (morality) and integrity.

Breaking Down PYD


This means that we are taking a strengths-based approach that builds on assets, interests, and strengths already within our members. By focusing on and developing these positive internal and external factors, we are supporting young people’s ability to achieve their goals and develop to their full potential.

  • Fosters the existing strengths, abilities, interests, and attributes and builds on potential.
  • Allows young people to build skills and develop assets in themselves
  • Empowers youth to be responsible for their decisions, including to say “no” to negative influences
  • Promotes positive influences like family, peers, schools, and communities.


Our program is focused on the developmental needs of young people and they are at the centre of everything we do.


This means creating opportunities for youth to develop to their full potential. This includes mastering skills, developing confidence, taking on leadership roles, and making healthy, responsible choices and decisions.

PYD in action for 4-K Club Members

  • Developing new skills and abilities .
  • Demonstrating leadership and taking ownership.
  • Thinking about, planning and setting goals for the future.
  • Expanding social skills and forming positive relationships with peers and adults.
  • Showing flexibility, adaptability, and comfort with change.
  • Growing ability to plan ahead and make decisions.