4-K Clubs Patron

The importance of the agricultural sector to the Kenyan economy cannot be overemphasized. Through joint efforts by all the stakeholders, both in the public and private sectors, agricultural performance can be enhanced to improve the living standards of the Kenyan people. Despite the prospects of agriculture in spurring economic development, youth participation in the sector has been minimal. There has been notably a continued low enrollment in agriculture as a career among the youth. This situation is mainly contributed by the negative attitude youth have towards agriculture. Ultimately, agriculture is seen as the last remedy to improving the livelihoods of many citizens.

To change this narrative, therefore, it is important to instill the practicing of agriculture from an early age. The idea to revive the 4-K Clubs in primary schools is not only the best avenue to achieve this but an opportunity to instill good citizenry values that will promote patriotism of the pupils to their communities and the nation at large. Coupled with the newly introduced Competence Based Curriculum in primary schools, this manual has been developed to promote Learning by Doing (practical activities) that will enhance positive youth development.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives has developed the 4-K Club manual in a participatory manner, for use by service providers, club patrons, teachers and pupils and other stakeholders involved in agricultural programs. This will ensure wider use of the manual to boost the adoption of agricultural technologies and approaches in order to contribute to increased productivity, employment creation, income generation and food and nutrition security in Kenya.